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About Us

Global Power Energy was founded in 2021 to fill a clear gap in the market – an advisory Firm led by technical and commercial specialists from across AEMO, generators, networks and OEMs. The NEM’s leading experts across the energy transition combined into a consultancy. Our lessons and expertise told us successful integration requires whole-of-system thinking, so we purpose built a Firm of leadership tier specialists to do just that.

So, we counted, over 400 years’ experience across just 15 people from our leadership and specialist teams. Guiding, and learning from the next generation of hand-picked SMEs to form a purpose-built Firm that just knows the power system from end-to-end. Our focus encompasses translating the technical into the strategic approach and commercial model design.

Our experience means we know technically and commercially how to integrate renewable energy + BESS into the power system, and, that we can explain in plain English why that approach. We can do this because we are the ones that have been designing transmission, operating generators, solving constraints and signing our names to generator performance standards.

Executives and specialists
Remote and global
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Solutions based in practical experience and decades of expertise combined into one purpose-built advisory Firm - our point of difference we offer to clients. Practical technical excellence, combined with commercial insight and extensive experience designing regulation and navigating bureaucracies. Successful outcomes in renewable + BESS power system integration requires expertise and experience across this quartet.

We’ve also advised our intelligence agencies on cyber security and the Commonwealth on AI integration. Select people who are not just good at what they do, but good people, who are energy sector leaders. GPE is built to accelerate the energy transition because we are people who care about our climate and who want to drive the transition efficiently and securely. Because it needs to be both. For our clients, for the planet, and for all people. And we think we deliberately pulled together some of the best minds around to advise clients how success is possible so we can get this done quicker in the right way.

The power system is a balance Global Power Energy was founded to navigate. It’s not only a balance of supply and demand.

A balance between system design, technical capability, markets and business models. Between AEMO, networks, projects, commercial, capability, government policy, regulation and stakeholders. And cyber security and AI integration.

So we built our Firm harnessing the NEM’s leadership tier specialists who have been technically, commercially and practically navigating this balance for over 30 years so we can deliver rapid success.


Efficient clean energy integration, technically excellent, commercially designed, securely integrated.

The right way.

Our Vision

Empowering a greener tomorrow with clean and abundant energy for all.

Our Mission

Delivering rapid success in the energy transition.

Our Values

We find solutions together.
- One team
- Acting with integrity
- Pride in our work
- Taking accountability
- Promoting a culture of mutual respect
- We are good to each other
- Ensuring the safety of their employees, customers, and communities

We drive our clients to success

- Solving client's problems
- Exceeding expectations
- Data-driven
- Creating value
- Building long lasting relationships with clients
- Driving results

We spearhead the energy transition
  • - By understanding all parts of the energy landscape
    - Challenging convention
    - Pathfinding
    - Bringing back common sense
    - Promoting efficiency
    - Enabling investment
    - Developing renewable energy systems that are robust and resilient

We drive tomorrow's success

- Fostering innovation
- Embracing technology
- Exploring new markets
- Cultivating future leaders

Meet the Team

Meet our team of specialists providing multiple decades of experience from across the energy sector.

Greg Elkins Profile Photo
Greg Elkins
Chief Executive Officer

GPE’s founder and CEO provides technical and commercial expertise based in a detailed understanding of power systems, network planning and market frameworks. As former head of generator connections for AEMO, Greg combines the ability to solve complex technical renewable integration requirements with a commercial framework. GPE’s CEO has the rare skillset in being able to both technically design, and clearly communicate, project approaches that maximise returns while delivering technical reliability and efficiency.

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Quy Dang
Power Systems Manager

Dr. Quy Dang is Global Power Energy’s Power Systems Manager.  Quy has delivered a few dozen grid connection studies and project support in five continents over the past 10 years. Quy is a technical leader in WTG, PPC model writing source code in C/C++, and Fortran for many platforms such as PSS/E, PSCAD, RTDS, EMT/RV.  Quy has managed cutting edge projects of global significance such as the power system studies for the proposed 3.4 GW Sun Cable - Australian Asia Power Link project.

Quy holds in-depth knowledge and technical expertise for renewable energy products designed to meet Australian grid code compliance, and was the key member for the well-known Vestas PPC design, testing and verification processes which adopted a new methodology “Model Based Design.” An efficient and solutions-oriented engineer who provides accurate and well-defined engineering solutions based on his broad knowledge in control systems and power systems.

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Franco Rabines
Engineering Manager
BEng (Electronics); MEng(Mechatronics, Power Systems and Power Generation); RPEQ; MIE Aust

Harnessing practical experience from managing the GPS requirements for operational generators for more than a decade, Franco has a deep understanding of the real-time operation, control and protection systems of power stations delivering invaluable expertise and direction as GPE’s Engineering Manager.

Joel Haddow Profile Image
Joel Haddow
Operations Manager

With over 10 years’ experience in project management, Joel leverages this with a deep understanding of grid infrastructure and the regulatory landscape to build scalable frameworks that optimise timelines, milestones and expenditure for our clients. Having managed connection of large-scale generators for both Network Service Provider and Proponents, Joel applies this knowledge of robust systems and processes to optimise generator connections to the NEM.

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Simon Windsor
New Networks Manager
BEng (Electrical); CPEng Electrical; DipPM

Having led Hydro Tasmania’s electrical capital portfolio, connections at AEMO as well as several other roles both within Australia and overseas for over 15 years, Simon is a leading player in cutting edge REZ development and micro grid integration projects. With experience solving the most difficult technical questions and clearly communicating solutions to guide clients and stakeholders, Simon’s focus is on managing teams to deliver unique and technologically challenging projects into successful outcomes.

Robert Karisson Profile Photo
Robert Karlsson
Head of Commercial
MSc Finance and Economics

Combining experience across energy, banking and management consulting industries in Europe and Australia, Robert’s over 20 years of expertise is brought to our clients as head of business development, financials and commercialisation. At the project engagement phase Robert focusses on identifying your priorities, barriers to successful outcomes and advises on the optimal pathway to project delivery.

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Jeffrey Elkins

Our head of IT has extensive and detailed knowledge in IT systems boasted by over 14 years-experience in the industry as both a technical analyst as a developer. Previously head-hunted to be software Director of an internationally based global software engineering firm, Jeffrey's expertise is extensive and diverse. Encompassing IT hardware, software, security, and integrations, his experience offers our clients a unique blend of technical acumen, customer service excellence, and innovative business management, making him a dynamic and resourceful professional in the IT field.

Our Specialists

Garrie Chubb Profile Photo
Garrie Chubb
Specialist Advisor EE;  Grad. Dip. in App. Sci. (IT); MBA; CAMA

A NEM veteran with over 35 years of experience in the electricity sector, Garrie held a number of senior positions within Transgrid including Manager of Network Planning, Operations Technology and Analysis Asset Performance. Garrie has a particular expertise in network development, investment decisions, benchmarking, strategic asset management and non-network solutions.

Geoff Eldridge Profile Photo
Geoff Eldridge
Principal Advisor
B.Eng. in EE; Grad. Dip. in Power Systems; Grad. Data Processing; Grad.Cert. in Info. Systems

Another NEM veteran Geoff brings more than 42 years of industry experience in network operations, planning, electricity market operation and reporting. The mastermind of the NEM’s first generation and price data platform, GPE NEMLog, Geoff is a global leader in data science and pulling together disparate data from various sources to develop evidence and insights into the Australian energy transition that enable prospecting, business model maximisation and investment decision.

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Steven Lynch
Senior Consultant

Steven provides more deep technical expertise and experience having led high level engineering services within a large NSP for over 30 years including network planning and connections, playing a key role in the connection of renewable energy systems. This expertise offers strategic and technical advice across a variety of areas including load growth, metering, and embedded generation.

Jennifer Sai Profile Image
Jennifer Sai
Specialist Advisor

A Specialist Consultant bringing 20 plus years of experience in the power industry with a focus on high voltage network connections and energy regulation. Jennifer’s background in senior roles for Essential Energy and Transgrid means expert insight on the connection process and compliance to the network from enquiry to delivery and energisation. Her experience also includes contract negotiation, and reviewing proposed regulatory changes that can affect connections and modifications and developing strategies to adopt the new changes.

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John Howland
Executive Advisor

When it comes to the why and the how in network expansion, REZ design and generator connection knowing why and how the system was built as it is in the first place delivers unparalleled insights to project development. John led the network planning, project development and asset management teams at Transgrid and has over 40 years’ experience providing strategic advice, negotiating network connection access, asset management, project development and design, and system planning and expansion.

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Christian Jensen
Principal Consultant Renewable Intergration
B.Eng. in ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Grad.Cert. (Electricity Supply); MIEAust, CPEng; RPEQ, RPEV

Global Power Energy’s lead for Renewable Integration. This is an emerging area of the business; supporting network owners, network operators and renewable energy developers to manage the longer-term operational challenges of renewable energy developments and their energy system impacts. Christian has deep operational experience in the transmission, distribution and system operations sectors in both Australia and New Zealand and worked embedded with senior executives; providing advisory, strategic and technical services to support the successful operation of large electricity sector businesses.  

Matthew Hyde Profile Photo
Matthew Hyde
Intergrated Solutions Director
M. Diplomacy &Trade; B. Jr & Comm

Specifically recruited for his near 20-year experience combining AEMO, government energy departments, NSP and Ministerial Office. This expertise provides insight into the technical requirements and market structures of power systems and how to navigate large bureaucracies to deliver solutions. An advisor to the Energy Security Board, Matthew identified and advised the Commonwealth Government and Security Agencies on national and cyber security risks and mitigation requirements in the power system. This role led to a 3-year research project on AI integration and Matthew now works with our technical team to provide the latest GPE and global approaches to cyber and AI informed engineering.

Subject Matter Experts

Nick Van Dyke Profile Photo
Nick Van Dyke
Principle Consultant

Expert in conducting dynamic / steady state power system studies and analysis for negotiating network connections performance, assessing compliance, and a solution focused approach to resolving non-compliance. Nick is highly skilled in PSS/E and PSCAD power system studies, and in the development of tools and scripts for power system studies.

Sheida Shadpour Profile Photo
Sheida Shadpour
Principle Consultant

A highly skilled project manager experienced in handling complex projects simultaneously. With a focus on best practices, ensuring efficient task allocation, timelines, stakeholder engagement, resource utilisation, and budget allocation. Sheida’s expertise in research and stakeholder influence enables her to produce impactful information, and she excels in defining project scope, engaging stakeholders and resolving issues, adding highly important value and skills to our client’s projects.

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Stephani Smith
Senior Electrical Engineer
BEng(hons)(electrical and electronic)

Having worked across design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and operations, Stephani has strong experience working with multidisciplinary teams to deliver complex projects safely and effectively. With over 5 years’ experience in electrical transmission and high voltage power systems, this expertise is combined with a focus on engaging and coordinating interdisciplinary stakeholders in all stages of project delivery, ensuring the alignment required to deliver success.

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Dot Veljkovic
Project Coordinator

Dot has over 15 years’ experience in finance and project management which she harnesses in her role in the Grid Connections team. This expertise with processes and time management are an invaluable asset when helping clients navigate renewable integration processes. At GPE our focus is on understanding our client’s priorities and efficiently navigating complex regulatory processes - and doing so requires more than engineering. Doing so properly requires the diverse skill set which Dot delivers in project coordination, clear messaging and developing and running improved communication infrastructure for internal workflow and customer projects.

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Kate Peters
Business Analyst
Bachelor of Business

Kate has 10 years’ experience working across engineering consulting, state government and legal industries. These skills allow Kate to work closely with clients and our engineers to develop clear and concise project proposals that accurately reflect our client’s priorities and the jointly agreed approach. With significant experience developing company policies, the clarity required in these is brought to accurately and clearly reflect the project scope and in administering for GPE solar, wind, BESS and pumped hydro projects across Australia.

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Laxman Suryadevara
Electrical Engineer

A practical and hands-on engineer who has detailed understanding on wind turbine generator commissioning, GPS testing, and reliability runs gained through commissioning of Coopers Gap; which at the time was Queensland's largest wind farm. Formally at GE Renewables Laxman held project engineer, field engineer, grid engineer, and lead services specialist roles. At GPE, Laxman currently manages a number of solar farm and BESS projects.  

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Maria Centeno
Electrical Engineer
B.Eng. in EE; Master of Sustainable Energy Management

Maria is an electrical engineer experienced in the development, design and operation of renewable energy projects including BESS and Wind Farms. Recruited for high quality proficiency in single line diagrams of infrastructure such as substations and connection arrangements for BESS, Maria also has expertise in voltage and power control of grid scale photovoltaic systems.

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Ricky Awari
Electrical Engineer

GPE’s advisory extends past the utility sector to support clients in complexities and opportunities in renewable integration at the commercial scale. Ricky’s over five years of expertise covers the technical regulations and guidelines for installation of large micro-grid and behind-the-meter projects. This includes insight into manufacturing, supply and NSP requirements as well as industry trajectory for desired policy & regulatory outcomes aimed at assisting with increasing efficiency, improving safety and boosting a healthy market growth in the industry.

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Phillip May
BCom(Finance); AD -Electrical Engineering; Grad Assoc - EA

Phillip has been the principal sponsor of major generator and load connections, managing stakeholders from project pre-feasibility through to commissioning and energisation for Ergon Energy and Energex. With over 10 years’ experience managing complex network connections, projects included major solar farms, wind farms, BESS, gas peaking plants and co-generation through to loads for mines, ports, rail and major industrial projects.

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David Townroe
Principal IT Consultant

David brings over ten years of robust experience in technical support and project management, primarily in the technology sector. His expertise lies in steering projects from conception to completion, ensuring a seamless integration of services.

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Alan Sirett
Principal Consultant
B.Eng.; Grad. Dip. of Management; Dip. of IT

Alan has over 35 years’ experience in the New South Wales electricity industry. Specialised in the area of network planning, particularly supply arrangements with NSW distributors. Formally holding a number of senior positions in Transgrid’s Planning Groups, Alan led a number of teams that planned the 132 kV networks that interfaced with distribution networks in the Northern and the Central Western areas of NSW. With extensive expertise in the identification of network limitations, a key component of new connections – mitigating risk and the why and how in maximising business cases.

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Adrian Evans
Principal Consultant

Adrian’s career has spanned all aspects of project execution including scoping, detailed design and the installation and commissioning of works supporting heavy industry. This includes the full rebuild of Mt Arthur’s protection system model (PTW), and the upgrade to protection systems, AVR’s and GCBs across Bayswater. Adrian’s expertise covers the development of connection applications, leading negotiations with connection assessment teams and developing solutions for unexpected challenges as they arise.   

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David Trethewey EE; Grad. Dip. in App. Fin. and Inv.; MBA in Tech. Mgmt.

David has over 35 years’ experience working in the power industry in transmission, generation trading and renewable technology development. David held senior positions in TransGrid working in areas of regulatory consultations TAPRs and RIT-Ts for major projects, including transmission regulatory consultations, reports and customer grid connections.. He was also responsible for transmission planning and renewable funding arrangements for the establishment of the PV centre at UNSW and Pacific Solar PV manufacturing company.

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Vibu Vitharana
Electrical Engineer
B. Eng. in EEE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering); PGDip. in Elec. Installations

Proficient in dynamic simulations and power flow studies using PSS/E and PowerWorld, Vibu’s detailed system analysis skills play an important role in GPE’s network planning and grid connection studies. With over 7 years’ experience in project planning, Vibu has an attention to detail that has made highly important contributions to our significant projects, playing a key role in the connection of renewable energy systems.


"I use GPE as my partner because there's reduced complexity on fund formation and management, which means less work for a solo GP like me"

Lolita Taub

Managing Director, GANA VC

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Lolita Taub

Managing Director, GANA VC

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare."

Lolita Taub

Managing Director, GANA VC

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare."

Lolita Taub

Managing Director, GANA VC

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