Business Model, Regulatory Advice and Submission Development

Business Model, Regulatory Advice and Submission Development

These services are purposely grouped. Each influences the other and so we offer our clients the why and how to manage the continuously changing regulatory and technical environment, to ensure maximum success for your business.

Our advice offering here includes harnessing NEMLog, our proprietary NEM generation and pricing database – historical and real-time – to identify where to locate projects and how to apply the optimal business model to the project, and networks, capabilities. Linked here then is the regulatory framework surrounding project operation, navigating existing requirements to maximise efficiency, and identifying any changes to regulation required.

Our advice here then incorporates:

  • Project operation and bidding approaches – harnessing NEMLog
  • Regulatory advice
  • Analysing Rule change proposals, advising business impacts and creating submissions
  • Stakeholder engagement and process management strategy

The analysis provided in these areas is harnessed from the specialists across our Firm who worked inside networks, AEMO, generators and governments which allows us to outline not just why our approach is optimal, but how to implement.

And, critically and often forgotten, but we call out and focus on this area because it is critical to the critical path; how to navigate the processes to achieve your outcome. It doesn’t matter how good the technical or policy is, unless the process pathway is a) understood and b) carefully navigated, and within this the why easily and clearly articulated, the preferred outcome becomes more difficult to achieve.

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