Cyber and AI Integration Posture

Cyber and AI Integration Posture

Generative Artificial Intelligence will provide significant benefit across the power system. Generative large-language multi-modal models are introducing functional capabilities not available before. This means as we re-build the power system, we are building it with capabilities we didn’t previously have. And it means cyber risks are magnifying.

Our power system and market are currently designed with redundancy and monitoring so that if equipment breaks, malfunctions or is compromised mitigation measures such as N-1 are in place to mitigate cascading failure. Ipso facto then if the new machines have new capabilities and can-do new things, mitigation measures are required to manage the new things breaking.

But to do so we first have to understand what these new capabilities are.

At GPE our world leading AI researchers have undertaken a multi-year research project on AI power system integration and identified the 15 functional capabilities of Generative large-language multi-modal models. This means we can advise not just how to harness generative AI, but also what ‘N-1’ measures are required to build our new power system with the same characteristics as our current one: reliable, robust and secure. Our expertise here applies across:

  • REZ design
  • Generator and BESS
  • DER
  • Market bidding
  • Regulatory guardrails
  • ASIC requirements for response capabilities (Board level responsibility).

We know our technical, cyber and regulatory expertise here is world class, because we’ve briefed globally.

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