Strategic and Technical Project Support: Ongoing

Strategic and Technical Project Support: Ongoing

Our ongoing project support service provides strategic and technical coverage for clients to ensure the critical path for the project is maintained. Our world leading technical expertise is harnessed to focus on clearly and plainly outlining the ‘technical why’ as this gives us the way – aligning how to progress a project for clients and the project’s stakeholders.

We combine insightful design with close active management of all documentation. Our approach is to keep discussions open with AEMO and the NSP via continuous proactive engagement. As we believe this service will reduce iterations in the review of projects and consequently manage the timeframe risks.

We complete this work by:

(a) liaising with regulatory and connection bodies to discuss the progress of the project. This is usually completed in a regular meeting that focuses on aligning timeframes and requirements.

Relevant entities to be included in these meetings include:

(i) AEMO

(ii) the NSP

(iii) the OEM

(iv) other key providers

(b) developing and or reviewing submissions to the above entities to ensure they are suitable
for evaluation;

(c) providing strategic advice about how to maintain the critical path when faced with issues; and

(d) continuously advocating for project forward movement.

Our standard arrangement for these services is a rolling 6 month engagement, with 3 month cancellation terms.

At the start of any engagement, we will agree with you on the schedule of support and resources required.

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