Generator Connection and Application Packages

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Generator Connection and Application Packages

This core service from Global Power Energy is conducted by our world-class technical experts with in-depth knowledge across wide area renewable technology. Team members were responsible for generator connections at AEMO, led the modelling for SunCable and are supported by our solutions specialist sought after globally. This capability combined with our regulatory specialists who have worked with the NEL and NER for decades, including leading the last Rule change to update the GPS requirements in the NER.

We are calling out this purpose-built team because it means we provide the end-to-end service that is key to timely grid connection.

We dedicate our people, internal processes and simulation platforms to optimize time and resources in the provision of these services:

  1. Experienced network analysis and technology selection in R0 application to achieve 5.4.3A letter. Our highly automated software platform enables minimal time for
    DMAT, Benchmarking and GPS studies.
  2. A comprehensive package for 5.3.9 process to update existing plants. We strategise and deliver minimal modifications required via the required modelling and studies to get fast approval for new modifications.
  3. Minimal changes from R0 to R1 package to get approvals for plant Registration.
  4. Conduct all Hold-Point testing and commissioning. Our incoming laboratory based testing system could deliver advanced provision and minimal risks during commissioning early before construction stage.
  5. In-depth experienced in model tuning and troubleshooting for R2 overlay.

Technical expertise to develop the why, combined with the communication and process expertise to work with stakeholders and navigate the process. We have a proprietary built GPS technical development and traceability process that minimises the lead time in GPS development, generator application package preparation, and progression.

At GPE we focus on clear and plain English explanations of the why performance standard deviations are required, which enables our Clients to progress through financial close and networks and AEMO to easily progress approvals.

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