Generator Commissioning Plans

Preparation of Generator Commissioning Plans

GPE will manage the development of commissioning plans on your behalf. We do this by:

  1. Preparing a commissioning plan for the AVR to satisfy the requirement of NER Rule 5.8. This will consist of:
  • Development of an initial plan to satisfy the 3 month requirement for AEMO and NSP planning purposes.
  • Integrating client and OEM detailed test requirements, and network requirements to produce a detailed test plan (including schedule);
  • Detailing test methodologies and procedures required;
  • Liaison with NSP and AEMO on hold point requirements and approval of testing plans and schedules.
  • Liaison with NSP and AEMO on appropriateness of testing and approval windows when they are required outside of normal hours.
  • Liaison with the client, and the OEM to schedule testing, develop the load profiles and prepare resources.
  • Obtaining approval from NSP and AEMO of commissioning plan
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